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Dr. Richard Haddad


Dr Richard Haddad is an experienced urological surgeon. He undertook post fellowship sub-specialised training in robotic cancer surgery, McGill University Health Centre, Montreal Canada, in February 2012.

He was trained in general surgery in Sydney for six years prior to commencing urological training in Sydney thereafter.

He is dual fellowship trained.  He is a traditionally open and laparoscopic surgeon.  He also performs all other general urological procedures.

At the main consulting at Norwest Private Hospital, his practice manager Erika and full-time clinical nurse practice nurse Margaret, are available to guide patients through their surgical care process.

Dr Haddad’s high volume robotic exposure in the context of a prestigious robotic fellowship has afforded him a rare appreciation and understanding of the subtleties and ergonomics of the robotic surgical platform.

He is an expert at nerve sparing robotic radical prostatectomy and robotic partial nephrectomy and is a proctor through Device Technologies for the Da Vinci system.


Dr Haddad has performed and has been involved with over 500 robotic cases, including quite complex robotic surgery. He is a proctor for newly transitioning surgeons.

The prestigious McGill Uro-Oncology Fellowship is only offered to candidates with substantial open and laparoscopic experience, knowledge and skill. The intensive fellowship affords a high level of appreciation of the robotic surgical platform. Within his practice, this has translated into sound oncological results with very safe operative parameter outcomes.

Dr Haddad also has a high volume Holmium stone laser lithotripsy practice, as well as having substantial experience in transurethral resection of the prostate, for enlarged prostates.

He is a traditionally and formally trained open pelvic surgeon and his six years of general surgical experience prior to urologic training has afforded him a rare overall level of surgical experience.

The main consulting suite at Norwest Private Hospital suite is staffed by a group with a combined experience level that is very difficult to match.

The efficiency of his practice manager, Erika and his clinic nurse specialist Margaret, brings a certain level of patient satisfaction and comfort and both are available in rooms at all times to guide each and every patient and their families through the surgical and clinical process.

There is almost never a question or problem that they cannot tackle.

Inspecting Xrays
1995St. Patrick’s College Strathfield HSC DUX
2000Bachelor of Medicine, The University of Newcastle School of Medicine & Public Health
2006Master of Surgery (Urology), The University of Sydney
2011Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic & General Urology
(Royal North Shore Hospital Sydney NSW)
2012FRACS (Urology), The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (ID. 146057)
2012McGill Accredited Fellowship in Robotic Urological Cancer Surgery
(McGill University Health Centre, Montreal Quebec Canada)
(McGill No. 260482521, MUHC No. 019899)
1995-2000The University of Newcastle, School of Medicine & Public Health (BMED)
2001-2003Internship & Basic Surgical Training, Royal North Shore Hospital Sydney
2003Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Primary Examination in Surgery
Successful Attempt 1
2004Registrar in General Surgery and Urology, Hornsby Hospital
2005-2007Accredited Advanced General Surgery Training NSW
(Prince of Wales Rotation – Prince of Wales, Sydney Children’s Randwick,
Wollongong, Fairfield, Bega, Bankstown Hospitals)
2008-2010Urology Accredited Training NSW
(Westmead, Sydney Adventist, Wollongong, Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals)
2010Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Fellowship Examination in Urology
Successful Attempt 1
2011Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic & General Urology,
Royal North Shore Hospital
Jan. 2012Consultant Urological Surgeon
Jan. – Dec. 2012McGill University Accredited Fellowship in Robotic Uro-Oncology, Montreal Canada
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Erika Houssenloge

Erika Houssenloge

Practice Manager

Erika commenced her medical administration career at The Royal Alexandria Hospital for Children in Camperdown in 1987, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Margaret Troup

Margaret Troup

Clinical nurse specialist

Margaret Troup is a Clinical Nurse Specialist who completed her Registered Nurses training at the Prince Henry and Prince of Wales Hospitals and has been working as a Registered Nurse for 35 years.

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