Urological & Robotic Surgeon

Dr Richard Haddad was awarded his Fellowship Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) in urology in 2012. Post fellowship, Dr Haddad completed subspecialty training in robotic uro-oncology at McGill University Montreal, Canada. Since then, he has been in clinical practice and has had ongoing high volume robotic experience.

Dr Haddad was the General Urology Fellow at RNSH Sydney in 2011. His surgical training was in Sydney.

Dr Haddad operates weekly at Norwest Private Hospital. His consulting rooms are on Level 1 of the hospital. These rooms are staffed five days a week, by his full time practice manager Erika Houssenloge who has 30 years experience, and his Clinical Nurse Consultant, Margaret Troup with 35 years experience.

Urgent referrals are taken by them, and theatre time is available most days for urgent stone cases, urinary retention, testicular torsion and other cases are added to the weekly regular list.

Dr Haddad has flow study and urodynamic capabilities in his rooms. His nurse consults in a private room giving patient advice in person and over the phone, removing sutures, managing catheters and stomas. Margaret meticulously checks on all post operative patients.

She has pre-operative discussions with all patients. Between Erika and Margaret, there is nothing the patient has to think about other than having the strength and family support to get through their health journey.

All administrative and nursing matters are managed by Erika and Margaret.

Dr Haddad attends oncology multi-team meetings, has 15 peer reviewed publications and a Master of Surgery in urology.

Patients can attend for emergency care at either Norwest Private Hospital or the SAN, Wahroonga.

Dr Haddad is committed to providing only the best and safest surgical care.

Erika Houssenloge

Practice Manager

Margaret Troup RN

Clinical Nurse Consultant

Bella Vista
Norwest Private Hospital
Suite 111
9 Norbrik Drive
Bella Vista NSW 2153 Phone: 02 8883 3811 | Fax: 02 8883 4011
Email: [email protected] | Website: www.drhaddad.com.au

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