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Circumcision Sydney | The foreskin serves a protective role to the urethra and water pipe in infancy and childhood. However it can become tight to pull back or entirely non-retractile. This is called ‘phimosis’. Furthermore, erections can become limited and uncomfortable with a tight foreskin. Also, inflammation or infections called ‘balanitis’ or even bladder urinary infection can occur.

These problems result in boys and men to reach out for Circumcision.

This is a simple day surgical procedure under general anaesthesia. As a surgeon, Dr Haddad has performed circumcision for 15 years.

Dr Haddad does not perform circumcision on children aged under 8 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is male circumcision?

The foreskin, or the skin layer covering the head of the penis, is surgically removed during male circumcision.

Is Circumcision painful ?

Not really. It requires Panadol and anti-inflammatory tablets for a few days. Plus, topical anti-bacterial cream to the site for wound care. Supportive underpants for one week are helpful.

Do I need time off work ?

Yes, about 2 days, then return to work with supportive underpants, topical cream, and simple tablet pain relief.

Are there risks associated with circumcision?

Every surgical procedure involves some risk. Circumcision-related complications are uncommon, but they can happen. When they do, they are typically not severe. Bleeding, infection or scarring are all potential side effects. In a few rare instances, either too much or not enough foreskin is removed. If the circumcision is performed by a skilled practitioner, complications are typically less likely. Additionally, if the circumcision is performed in a medical setting, problems are less likely to occur.

Post-surgery, how should I care for my newborn circumcised son?

You will need to take care of your baby boy’s penis as it heals if you decide to circumcise him. The penis should be washed after each diaper change, and petroleum jelly should be applied to the wound. The jelly can be applied to the penis directly with a gauze pad or to the diaper where the penis touches. Typically, it takes 7–10 days for the skin to heal. The tip of the penis may seem red and contain a little amount of yellow fluid. Typically, this is a natural indicator of healing.

How do I keep the circumcised area clean?

Wash the penis carefully with a light soap. When changing diapers, wash off any stools with soap and water. Change your diapers frequently to prevent infection from faeces and pee. Infection can be identified by persistent redness, swelling, or fluid that appears hazy and crusts over. If you observe any of these symptoms, contact your doctor straight away.

What factors should I take into account before choosing to have a circumcision?

Before making a choice, it’s critical to obtain all the facts about the procedure’s potential advantages and risks. You might consider potential health advantages, religious or cultural convictions, as well as your own preferences or societal issues. Keep in mind that circumcision is optional; you can decide whether to get it. Talk to your ob-gyn or another healthcare provider during your pregnancy if you have any questions or concerns so you have ample time to make a wise choice.