The foreskin serves a protective role to the urethra and water pipe in infancy and childhood. However it can become tight to pull back or entirely non-retractile. This is called ‘phimosis’. Furthermore, erections can become limited and uncomfortable with a tight foreskin. Also, inflammation or infections called ‘balanitis’ or even bladder urinary infection can occur.

These problems result in boys and men to reach out for Circumcision.

This is a simple day surgical procedure under general anaesthesia. As a surgeon, Dr Haddad has performed circumcision for 15 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Circumcision painful ?

Not really. It requires Panadol and anti-inflammatory tablets for a few days. Plus, topical anti-bacterial cream to the site for wound care. Supportive underpants for one week are helpful.

Do I need time off work ?

Yes, about 2 days, then return to work with supportive underpants, topical cream, and simple tablet pain relief.