Kidney Cancer

Kidney Cancer

kidney cancer

Kidney cancers are mostly now picked up as an incidental finding upon CT or Ultrasound scan, often performed for general aches or pains.

They can be divided into small masses < 4cm, or large tumours.

The assessment is by CT scan, possible tumour biopsy, Ultrasound, or MRI.

In healthy patients, surgical excision is recommended. This can be either robotic assisted or traditional open surgery.

Small masses can be monitoring over some years until they grow in size.

Tumour biopsy is helpful in certain cases.

Image-guided Ablative techniques are used in older patients who might not be suitable for surgery.

The Urologist will undertake a careful assessment of the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is preferable - robotic or open surgery for kidney cancers ?

This depends on the tumour position within the kidney, its proximity the blood vessels that supply the kidney, and tumour size.

It also depends on the condition of the patient.