Robotic Kidney Surgery

Robotic Kidney Surgery

In order to achieve good surgical outcomes, only certain kidney cancers should be approached using robotic surgery. These include smaller earlier kidney tumours that are in a peripheral and favourable location in the kidney. These tend to be appropriate for robotic surgery.

In Dr Haddad’s practice of partial nephrectomy, the larger tumours which are more centrally positioned within the kidney, in particular close to the renal artery and or vein, and or posterior, are best managed using traditional open flank incision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between Robotic and Open Partial Nephrectomy ?

Open PN has longer hospital stays and slightly more pain relief requirements in the first 3 post operative days.

There is a larger longer incision with open surgery.

However, open PN allows for immediate frozen section pathologic assessment of the surgical cancer margin status, which is not possible using the robotic approach.