Vasectomy is a rapid means of achieving permanent contraception. It is expertly performed by Urologists, as an exercise in careful surgical dissection. It is a day procedure under an anaesthetic.

Often once the family is completed, it is preferable for the man to have this procedure, since the woman has given birth several times, and no longer wishes to use female contraceptive pills, nor the intra-uterine devices. The woman also does not tend to wish for laparoscopic tubal ligation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vasectomy painful ?

No, simple panadol and or anti-inflamatories are used, along with supportive tight underpants for a few days.

What is Post Vasectomy SFA, Seminal Fluid Analysis

Surgical guidelines stipulate mandatory testing of the seminal ejaculate. Post Vasectomy, we advise men to ejaculate 25 times, then give a sample to the Lab.

Once this shows ZERO sperm, then Vasectomy can be relied upon as permanent contraception.

Do I need time off work ?

Yes the day of the procedure, and the day after.