Prostatectomy robotic surgery norwest sydney

What is Prostatectomy robotic surgery?

A robotic system is used during prostatectomies, a minimally invasive surgical procedure, to remove the prostate gland. The treatment is frequently used to treat disorders that affect the prostate gland, such as prostate cancer.

The robotic system, which comprises of a console and a number of robotic arms introduced into the patient’s body through tiny incisions, is controlled by the surgeon throughout the process. The surgeon operates the console to direct the robotic arms’ movements as they use tiny surgical instruments to remove the prostate gland.

One of the key benefits of robotic prostatectomy surgery is that it is minimally invasive, which means that the incisions used during the process are smaller than those used in conventional open surgery. As a result, the patient may experience less discomfort, fewer scars, and a quicker recovery.

Robotic prostatectomy surgery can also be more accurate than conventional open surgery because it gives the physician a high-resolution, three-dimensional picture of the surgical site and enables more exact movements of the surgical tools.